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Warm Sap Patch

Warm Sap Patch
Warm Sap Patch
You can feel that your soles are getting warm because of its excellent warming effect. If you apply Warm Sap Patch to the soles of the feet or the targeted area on the body, the body temperature gradually increases because warming pigments in the internationally patented microcapsules have excellent heating effect. Moreover, it may help promote the circulation of the blood by natural FIR (Far Infrared Rays) emitted from the powdered mixture of natural ingredients in the patch , which make you feel refreshed and light. If you use Warm Sap Patches for a long time, it may help increase the normal temperature of your body. We strongly recommend this product to those who have been suffering from cold hands and feet even in fine weather.

Microcapsule, Tourmaline, Agaricus, Eucalyptus oil, Mugwort extract, Loquat extract, Vitamin C, Chitosan, Starch, Polysaccharide

2 Patches/ 10 Patches / 14 Patches / One-touch (all in one) 10 / One-touch (all in one) 14
*All in one means the patch is tightly combined with the adhesive sheet together for using them easily.
Sap Patch : 60mm x 90mm, 4g
Adhesive Sheet : 95mm x 132mm / Adhesive Sheet for One Touch : 105mm x 135mm