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Slimming Sap Patch

Slimming Detox Patch
Slimming Detox Patch
Just putting the Slimming sap patch on the sole of the foot etc. helps improve blood circulation and speed up metabolism. It also helps eliminate the cellulite by absorbing unnecessary moisture and the wastes in the body and makes feel refreshed and renewed by emitting anion.

Perlite / Chitosan / Agaricus / Wood Vinegar / Bamboo Vinegar / Houttuynia cordata / Loquat Leaf / Vitamin C / Tourmaline / Apricot / Turmeric / Ginger / Eucalyptus Oil / Starch

10 Patches / 14 Patches / 30Patches / One-touch 14

Sap Patch : 60mm x 90mm, 4g
Adhesive : 95mm x 132mm