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Rose Sap Patch

Rose Sap Patch
Rose Sap Patch
Rose oil, also referred to as the queen of diverse range of aroma therapy oils, is highly effective on dried and aged skin. Emotionally, it clears and exalts one¡¯s mind and assists one to have dignified confidence. Furthermore, it aroma removes various foul odors at their source, thereby making life more joyous and vigorous.

Rose oil / Tourmaline / Agaricus / Wood vinegar / Eucalyptus oil / Mugwort extract / Loquat extract / Vitamin C / Chitosan / Highly purified silica / Pearl stone / Starch / Polyhydric alcohol

10 Patches / 14 Patches / 30Patches / One-touch 14

Sap Patch : 60mm x 90mm, 4g
Adhesive : 95mm x 132mm