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Function of Sap Patch

Function of Sap Patch
    Using sap patches can provide the following benefits.
  • Helps absorb body wastes
  • Helps stimulate reflexology points of the sole
  • Helps reduce minor irritation
  • Helps support general health and wellness
  • Helps improve quality of sleep
  • If people feel heavy and tired, these signs may indicate that there are body wastes in their bodies. In these cases, applying sap patches to the soles of feet can make their body feel lighter due to the powerful absorbency of sap patches for body wastes.
  • If people who are undergoing much stress from their daily life such as hard workers, examinees, employees, housewives, etc. use sap patches composed of beneficial natural materials and tourmaline which emit natural far infrared rays, they feel lighter and refreshed as if they walk in the forest.
  • Sap patches are also recommendable for the aged people to maintain general health and wellness.
Efficacy of Sap Patch
    Sap patches are recommendable for those who suffer from under symptoms, trouble and irritation.
  • Those who have swollen, sprained, or bruised areas on the body.
  • Those who suffer from minor irritation of arms, legs, shoulders or waist etc..
  • Those who are under a lot of stress like students and office workers.
  • Those who drive or sit in front of the computer for a long time.
  • Those who like smoking and drinking.
  • Those who suffer from lack of sleep or those who cannot sleep easily.
  • Those (especially women) who have cold arms and feet.
  • Those who feel fatigue easily.
  • Those who engage in toilsome work such as housewives, athletes and manual workers.
Applying the theory of Osmotic Pressure to sap patches
High levels of natural FIR can be found in our natural environment. Sap Patches emit natural Far Infrared Rays through the combination of natural ingredients in them. These rays resonate with the body¡¯s own energy to warm the body. This results in maintaining blood circulation around the feet and opening the pores to eliminate excrements which are drawn out under Osmotic Pressure from the blood and lymphatic systems. It is a similar way to when we work out at a gym or when we take a sauna.